"With music, one's whole future life is brightened". (Zoltán Kodály)

Colourstrings Violin/Viola!

Colourstrings instrumental tuition is suitable for children from 5 years.  (We do not take children younger than five on an instrument as they can more usefully be learning how to be musicians first. This makes the instrument learning much easier and more successful.)   Our aim is to encourage any children, whatever their ability, to enjoy a lifetime of music, whether that is by performing or as an audience.  We strive to offer lessons that are fun and engaging: if children enjoy their learning, they are more receptive and more responsive.

What is Colourstrings?

The Colourstrings approach was developed in Finland in the 1970's by Hungarian-born, musicians and teachers Geza and Csaba Szilvay. It has become internationally respected and highly regarded by music educators and musicians.  Colourstrings uses the Kodály Method principles, but on instruments (instead of only with the voice).  The use of the Kodály approach in the lessons and the inner ear training allow pupils to play musically, to compose and improvise. 

The Colourstrings books are child-centred and simplify the process of learning to read and write music with a colour-coded system of notation. 


To enjoy music is to nurture our person or as Zoltán Kodály beautifully quotes to “Shed light on those parts of the soul that cannot be reached by any other means”. To play an instrument will give your child an outlet; a space to relax, to wind down after a busy day. Music can raise self-esteem and increase confidence in tackling challenges that need solutions and commitments to overcome. Building skills of self-discipline and team work. Music makes you more sociable.Think about the many groups/communities (quartets, orchestras) your child could join throughout their lives. To learn how to appreciate the beauty of music.


One to one Lessons:

The string programme includes a one-to-one instrumental lesson (30 minutes) and a group musicianship/ ensemble session. 

Solo Lessons: designed especially for those people struggling to join two lessons a week. 35 minutes incorporating  instrument and musicianship.

Group Lessons  - join up with a friend:

The string programme includes a 2 pupil lesson (35 minutes) and a group musicianship/ ensemble session.


Introduction to Violin - 10 week programme - No Violin needed

The perfect option for students getting started with music lessons. Classes combine Musicianship games & Violin. During the last session there will be a short performance for the parents/carers. (This class requires minimum numbers).








Largate near Horstead & Aylsham

Tuesday/ Wednesday/Friday & Saturday



Per Week

One to one Package: £28.00 

Solo Package: £20.00

DUO Package: £15.00

Introduction to Violin: £10.00

We would not want to stop pupils to join due to costs. There are a few partly funded places available per Academic year, for more information phone or email.